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Would you be alive now if all of your history had not happened?
He can articulate his brand of "conservatism" to those like george. He is in DC to play the game. That is all.
So 25% of the base does not matter and we should go along to get along.........That sounds like a winning tactic. Not
Probably not the wisest of posts.........
You might be right on some money flowing to certain writers on TH. The author did very little research on David Perdue other than listening to radio spots. Polling shows Name Recognition make Perdue the best challenger for Nunn. There is that big money thing to factor as well. If Perdue wins, I think we will be smelling a lot of pork here in Georgia
I support Karen Handel 100%
Not many people really care what Graham has to say. I sure don't.
Kudos to Gov Deal. Georgia democrats are already lining up to push changes in the law. They need to worry about changing the culture of their voters to stop all the gun crimes in their districts.
Not like people are already carrying ILLEGAL firearms into clubs and killing people........Illegal owners make no one safer.
Wow! John found a ton of idiots this past week. The one that stands out is NRMLUNIT in reference to the Bundy case in Nevada. I will give it that NRMLUNIT points to a lot of facts and laws that were passed, but "it" does not understand the entire story of the case. As the facts have come out, this has become a case of the federal government (and the media) distorting reality. The government is not upholding their end of the agreement in maintaining the land. This is something they promised all the ranchers. Did Bundy break the law? Yes Did the federal government not follow through with promises? Yes Which one betrayed the other...
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