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Medically, an unborn baby has a different "body" than that of the mother. More generally, the Supreme Court is not authorized to create new "rights." The specific right of privacy that exists in the Constitution relates to the right of the people to be protected in their homes from unreasonable searches and seizures. It says nothing about any right to cut one's unborn child up in little pieces.
As if the aduilterous Gingrich or the whiny Santorum would have been first best?
Ann has learned from her mistake. So should you. One purpose of the states as "laboratories of democracy" is to allow different systems to operate without committing the entire nation to such schemes. If the MassCare system turns out to be awful, then Massachusetts can scratch it, and your elected reps in New York can have the evidence to avoid adopting it in the Empire State. Right now, we have a system where the federal government mandates that hospitals must give emergency room care to those who can't or won't pay for it. This in effect amounts to a system of "free" health insurance, driving up the cost of insurance for the rest of us who pay for our coverage.
An entertaining comment, for sure. You left out Brown vs. Board of Education, which overturned school segregation laws that had been duly constituted and passed by "strong majorities" of "democratically elected legislatures." However, same-sex marriage (which I oppose) would remain on the books in those states such as Maryland where it was the legislature rather than the courts that modified marriage to be between a groom and a groom as well as between a bride and groom.
Exactly. Santorum is a big disappointment. He thinks that he should be entitled to the nomination simply because he labels himself more "conservative" than anyone else. But his voting record is replete with evidenced of big-government instincts.
Romney is many candlepower smarter than McCain, more conservative, more articulate (see his speech yesterday to the American Society of News Editors), better looking, and also a fundamentally nicer person. E.g., McCain was stuck on Cap and Trade; Romney is smart enough to see that insane job-killer for what it is.
Not really. The main source of federal power is the income tax - authorized only in 1913 and put on steroids in World War II. But even as late as the 1920s, the entire federal government operated on the budget of one division of one of Obama's tiniest departments.
The "logic" is that the states existed before the federal government. They gave up power in certain specific areas (national defense, customs, interstate commerce, and in the minds of the Founders, that was about IT) in order to have a functional national goverment capable of defending the union against the likes of Britain and France. The states did NOT give up the police power. Otherwise, they would have become mere provinces. It was deemed to be within the power of the people of each state to determine just how intrusive the police power of their particular state would be.
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