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Romney has released his returns for the past two years, plus a statement from his accountants (a nationally respected firm) attesting to the accuracy of the returns and summarizing the data in them. Independent analysis has shown that he voluntarily paid more in tax than he was required to. But the Left ignores that and accuses him of evading tax on income from investments in the Cayman Islands. In reality, he paid tax on that income (a small part of his overall portfolio), but that doesn't stop the Democrats from lying about this issue and lodging the accusation. Why give them more grist for their distortion machine? Personally I would be happy with the transcripts and admission file for just one years of Obama's college work.
Beyond that is the fact that to demand Obama's college records now would amount to a tacit admission that the media were asleep at the switch in 2008 by not pursuing those items then.
When the person in question has taken up arms against the United States.
The word is "disseminate." And I wouldn't call them "pukes." What is achieved by name-calling? It lowers your credibility without serving any valid purpose.
People in federal law enforcement in a position to know about these things have noted, not for the record, that Obama would never have passed the sort of security clearance required to work in the Pentagon, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, etc. That's more than a little disquieting.
Obama is a very unusual last name, especially in Hawaii. USSearch.com shows only one other Obama in Hawaii, and only 33 other Obamas in the entire US, some of which are probably phony names put into the database by jokesters (like "Potus Barack Obama" supposed living in Charleston, SC). There is no chance that the Barack Obama reportedly (per the newspaper) per the newspaper born in Hawaii, or at least born somewhere such that the news would have been of interest to readers in Hawaii, is someone else. If his name were a common one like Robert Smith, your point would have some validity.
If there were not something very damaging to Obama in his records from Columbia, he would have released them long ago.
Then don't vote for any Democrat / leftist / statist candidates for your state legislature.
Medically, an unborn baby has a different "body" than that of the mother. More generally, the Supreme Court is not authorized to create new "rights." The specific right of privacy that exists in the Constitution relates to the right of the people to be protected in their homes from unreasonable searches and seizures. It says nothing about any right to cut one's unborn child up in little pieces.
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