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Wow, sounding more elitist every day GW.
Again, agree. Which is why it is important to not stab our own tea party candidates in the back, when they actually do win. The GOP need to understand that the ideals of the Tea Party are not going to go away, no matter how much they try. The only way to do that is to keep primarying (however you spell that) the RINO candidates, but also when the tea candidates do win, hold the feet of the GOP to the fire and make it very loud that they support the winning candidate.,
Not even close to being a libertarian WJF. And I will more than likely vote for whoever is picked as the GOP nominee for president in 2016, but that is not to say that I will not look for a better person during the primary., Sorry you dislike me. I have been reading these threads for quite a few years (Retired Geek, right?) and admire how you post good information on any of the issues.,
I agree, Jason, Just kind of helping Monster out. I think it should be immigration enforcement, not reform.
I would say that Monster is saying what does it matter, democrat or republican. Doesn't matter who you vote for. Republican's will pass it as fast as the dems.
Hey GW, they are still conservatives and if they win the primary, why can't they count on the support of they' own party. The tea part is a grassroots movement, not an official party. Read for comprehension.
Not anymore 'poisonous that some of Romney's gaffes, or any of the gaffes made by democrats, which are plenty. If we are suppose to get behind winning candidates, then we need to do so whether they are part of the establishment GOP or the tea party.
I agree Big, There have been others as well. Being from MO. Aiken could have won, despite the gaffe, if the GOP would have backed him. Instead, they allowed McCrackskell to win.
The more interesting question would be if the GOP would have backed the two tea party candidates if they had won. History says not.
So I suppose that the Republican party will want everyone to support Tilles and Boehner. I wonder if they would have supported the tea candidates, if they had won. Still an interesting question considering history.
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