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The more interesting question would be if the GOP would have backed the two tea party candidates if they had won. History says not.
So I suppose that the Republican party will want everyone to support Tilles and Boehner. I wonder if they would have supported the tea candidates, if they had won. Still an interesting question considering history.
I'm disappointed in PH, I went through this entire thread. Not once did you address the topic of the story. Stevens wants to do away with the 2nd amendment. Limit the 1st amendment. The issue of a death penalty belongs to the state. What do you think of Steven's opinions on this.
You keep setting up strawmen arguments. Did you see what Big Conservative wrote. There is no need to remove him, he is retired. How about answering the question about what you think of his wanting to change the Constitution.
I will step in here Political Historian and ask what do you think of his wanting to change the Constitution the way the story is stating?
It's a question that needs to be answered. GW?
Jesus was talking about individuals trollbot, not government.
I did vote for Romney in the last election even though he was not my first choice. But since he was nominated, I voted for him. This makes me wonder should somebody like Cruz or Scott Walker be nominated, would the GOP support him in the same way as they insist we support the estblishment GOP?
So, you agree that this country needs to be rescued...glad you finally came around.
i appreciate the positive attitude Tin, however, it is the "conxervatives" in congress that need to wake up before anything different happens.
Been reading this thread and frankly, I think it is 6 of one and half a dozen of another. The GOP had there chance to make some major changes when they had all 3 branches and basically flubbed it. There is no guaranty that anything changes. With this bill passing, it sounds like we are back to encrementalism to socialism instead of full speed.
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