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Who is the JV here? Time to put some serious people back in charge of the government.
They always seem to need to explain what they said. Can't you just say what you mean the first time??? We need some serious people in these positions of communications with the American people. This administration has chosen the worst possible people to represent them. Or is it impossible to represent this administration accurately???
Take a look at Cardinal Hayes High School in the South Bronx, NYC. 95 percent go on to college. Nearly all black and Hispanic student body supported partly by a nearly all white alumni body. Wonderful story and wonderful kids graduating from Hayes these days. The archdiocese of New York almost closed this great school down - opened in 1941 - but the alumni - led by such notables as Regis Philbin and Martin Scorcese - would have none of that. They rallied to keep this school open. The school's rigorous academic and behavioral discipline prepared the children and grandchildren of mostly poor Irish and Italian immigrants for productive lives for four decades. Those disadvantaged kids have been succeeded by today's young disadvantaged, hungry for an education they cannot hope to achieve in public schools. School choice, with some help from the somewhat more affluent in society, is the only hope for inner city kids to break out of the ghetto. Education is the civil rights issues of our times. And schools like Archbishop Carroll and Cardinal Hayes are the only hope. www.thelastjump.com
Most people tell white lies, many people tell an occasional lie and a few people tell whoppers. Moore brings lying to a new dimension. He makes movie productions out of his lies and a few people actually believe him. So who rally cares when he opens his mouth? Disgraceful!
Snipers are the most hunted warriors on the battlefield. They are carefully selected, trained to a razor's edge and carry a slow-firing but very precise weapon. If discovered, they can easily be overwhelmed with superior firepower. If takes great skill and even greater courage to do this job. So those on the Left need to educate themselves if they want to make a cogent comment anywhere close to reality. www.thelastjump.com
He's like the rooster taking credit for the sunrise! www.thelastjump.com
With all apologies to high-school students, this is what you get when you put academics in power! They know what's better for everyone else. At least they think they do! And they'll shove it down your throat if they could get away with it. (no pun intended). www.thelastjump.com
When a police car rolls up on a "job", another car is on the way to back them up. This is policing in New York City in 2015 and is a consequence of a climate created by politicians where ambushing cops is a very real threat. So they back each other up. Therefore, there are less cops and cars to patrol the city than before and crime goes up. There is no purposeful "slowdown" though NYPD's critics would have you believe it. It's a matter of survival! Mayor De Blasio has yet to show this as a "teachable moment" for him. He should have let the police commissioner handle the dress-down and kept himself out of it. He's only made the situation between him and the police worse and it was already brutally bad. The NYPD is truly the finest police force in the world. Who can forget the days when people lined the West Side Highway and cheered them as they headed to ground zero. When the people brought them snacks and soft drinks. When it was the people and police against the terrorists and criminals. A dozen short years later and what changed? Who created this hostile and terribly unhealthy climate? Every father (if you have one you know of) should be telling his kids to respect the police in all circumstances. Follow their instructions and don't threaten or provoke them. This sound advice is race-neutral. It simply makes the most sense. Sure, let's have another conversation about race. Let's try to figure out how to exclude race where is doesn't belong. But this requires parties who do not benefit by more racial strife or who use the black community as a reliable voting block. I don't see those players here. I see people who benefit by the strife, conflict and division a good (if not staged) race-related incident can create. Any conversation means the rest of us should be listening only. All brought to you by the man who spent his honeymoon in Havana. NYC, what the hell were you thinking??
Sounds like the tactics the SA used in Nazi Germany just before they became really violent and singled out and isolated a small segment of their fellow citizens for particularly inhumane treatment. Slippery slope...
It's funny how our World War II allies (Russia and China) have become our enemies and our enemies (Japan, Germany and Italy) have become our friends. Having said that, Japan and Germany could not apologize enough if it took a thousand years! They were barbaric to the helpless and unbelievably brutal to the rest of the human race in general. I get that no one alive today is responsible but these two countries need to reassure the rest of humanity they will never behave this way again. Tangible actions will go a long way if they accompany the words. But the words alone are also meaningful if they are sincere, contrite and promise never to repeat the barbarity. John E. Nevola - Author of The Last Jump - A Novel of World War II
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