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He's like the rooster taking credit for the sunrise! www.thelastjump.com
With all apologies to high-school students, this is what you get when you put academics in power! They know what's better for everyone else. At least they think they do! And they'll shove it down your throat if they could get away with it. (no pun intended). www.thelastjump.com
When a police car rolls up on a "job", another car is on the way to back them up. This is policing in New York City in 2015 and is a consequence of a climate created by politicians where ambushing cops is a very real threat. So they back each other up. Therefore, there are less cops and cars to patrol the city than before and crime goes up. There is no purposeful "slowdown" though NYPD's critics would have you believe it. It's a matter of survival! Mayor De Blasio has yet to show this as a "teachable moment" for him. He should have let the police commissioner handle the dress-down and kept himself out of it. He's only made the situation between him and the police worse and it was already brutally bad. The NYPD is truly the finest police force in the world. Who can forget the days when people lined the West Side Highway and cheered them as they headed to ground zero. When the people brought them snacks and soft drinks. When it was the people and police against the terrorists and criminals. A dozen short years later and what changed? Who created this hostile and terribly unhealthy climate? Every father (if you have one you know of) should be telling his kids to respect the police in all circumstances. Follow their instructions and don't threaten or provoke them. This sound advice is race-neutral. It simply makes the most sense. Sure, let's have another conversation about race. Let's try to figure out how to exclude race where is doesn't belong. But this requires parties who do not benefit by more racial strife or who use the black community as a reliable voting block. I don't see those players here. I see people who benefit by the strife, conflict and division a good (if not staged) race-related incident can create. Any conversation means the rest of us should be listening only. All brought to you by the man who spent his honeymoon in Havana. NYC, what the hell were you thinking??
Sounds like the tactics the SA used in Nazi Germany just before they became really violent and singled out and isolated a small segment of their fellow citizens for particularly inhumane treatment. Slippery slope...
It's funny how our World War II allies (Russia and China) have become our enemies and our enemies (Japan, Germany and Italy) have become our friends. Having said that, Japan and Germany could not apologize enough if it took a thousand years! They were barbaric to the helpless and unbelievably brutal to the rest of the human race in general. I get that no one alive today is responsible but these two countries need to reassure the rest of humanity they will never behave this way again. Tangible actions will go a long way if they accompany the words. But the words alone are also meaningful if they are sincere, contrite and promise never to repeat the barbarity. John E. Nevola - Author of The Last Jump - A Novel of World War II
It used to be the people and the police against the terrorists and criminals. Now it seems like its the people and the terrorists and the criminals against the police. What the ef! How the hell did that happen!!??
Ann nailed it! The biggest and best criticism against the "climate change" myth is the fact that the supporters continually try to suppress dissent. They liberally use the "policy of personal destruction" to insult and demean those with whom they disagree. True science takes on all comers in the search for the truth. False science (if there is such a thing) attempts to gain traction and support by ridiculing other theories. Climate change proponents, regardless of how loud they howl, have yet to prove their case. And then there is the "falsifying data" scandal at East Anglia University, but that's another story.
All the best in your new job, Col. West. And thanks for the letter praising The Last Jump. It meant a lot that you took the time to write it. It is simply another example of your compassion, integrity and genuine humanity. If there is ever a time I can do anything for you or the NCPA, you need only ask. John E. Nevola. www.thelastjump.com
Who is going to follow the next "lawful order" in the next war without fear of being outed and demonized years later? WHO? It's the Dem's last scornful, spiteful act before being deprived of the power they relished, squandered and abused. It's a "scorched earth" policy on American patriots who risked all to save many only to be spat upon by the few! www.thelastjump.com
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