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Ann nailed it! The biggest and best criticism against the "climate change" myth is the fact that the supporters continually try to suppress dissent. They liberally use the "policy of personal destruction" to insult and demean those with whom they disagree. True science takes on all comers in the search for the truth. False science (if there is such a thing) attempts to gain traction and support by ridiculing other theories. Climate change proponents, regardless of how loud they howl, have yet to prove their case. And then there is the "falsifying data" scandal at East Anglia University, but that's another story.
All the best in your new job, Col. West. And thanks for the letter praising The Last Jump. It meant a lot that you took the time to write it. It is simply another example of your compassion, integrity and genuine humanity. If there is ever a time I can do anything for you or the NCPA, you need only ask. John E. Nevola. www.thelastjump.com
Who is going to follow the next "lawful order" in the next war without fear of being outed and demonized years later? WHO? It's the Dem's last scornful, spiteful act before being deprived of the power they relished, squandered and abused. It's a "scorched earth" policy on American patriots who risked all to save many only to be spat upon by the few! www.thelastjump.com
And we paid this guy to call us stupid! Sadly, I guess we were...
C'mon Ann, I always liked you and your ballsy approach to Liberals. But remember is was the Tea Party that stirred this nation into action in 2009 and 2010. They got the ball rolling, so please don't resort to the politics of personal destruction when being critical. That is a Dem tactic.
Could he have meant the StuxNet Virus?
If removing Shinseki would resolve the problem, I'm sure he would resign. It goes way deeper than one leader. A bloated government entity with more employees than United States Marines can only be fixed by turning it upside down and eliminating jobs that are not necessary and firing people to commit fraud and cannot perform their duties satisfactorily. If we can't do that, this organization is doomed for future failures. The question is would these 2 promise to weaken the stranglehold the unions have on the taxpayers?
When did he grow a set? I'd like to see him show some sack when he deals with Reid and the Democrats. This is the kind of smug, career politician who is responsible for much of the issues facing our nation now and in the future.
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