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So is the ultimate test of food authenticity now whether Malia can create it in the White House kitchen? Wow.
That woman on the right end of the couch couldn't hide her contempt.
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Good Women Have Abortions

John Dallas Bowers Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 1:27 PM
Since I'm assuming you're not contesting the innocence of an unborn baby, do you not acknowledge its humanity? And if it's not a human, what species is it?
I read this story on another site, where a commenter wailed, "...if it saves just one life, it's worth it." It seemed clear this person ascribed little or no "worth" to our Second Amendment rights, but I wonder if she'd use the same reasoning if there were a similar law related to driving. Would she be okay if a disgruntled relative who thinks she's really bad behind the wheel went to a judge to get her driving privileges suspended? I doubt it. In my experience, any argument that includes, "...if it saves one life..." will have little logic or real-life experience to back it up. It's all emotion.
"My oldest daughter takes a shining to my Sig Sauer .380 automatic..." Automatic? Say it ain't so, Doug. LOL. That's a mistake I never thought you'd make.
"About publicly sharing your body, having to prove yourself in a meeting full of 50 year old men..." Not sure what Miss Dunham means by "publicly sharing [her] body" -- is she referring to exhibitionism? -- but that seems a far cry from "having to prove yourself in a meeting full of 50 year old men." That's something sales people, advocates, and account executives do every day. Pretty unremarkable. And why the drive-by reference to sex and age? Rather than employing innuendo, she would have been better served by a direct assertion. Miss Dunham will not be appearing in our church.
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