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The Power of High Places: Academia and Media are Hives of the Left That Sway the Culture

johncomayle Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 3:02 PM
The problem lies less with Republican politicians than with everyday conservatives who pay thousands to left wing universities to brainwash their kids, and who spend millions collectively on left wing entertainment, who watch left wing television and left wing news. Secondly, there is no offensive measures taken by conservatives. Why is there no conservative alternative to Big Entertainment? It would seem that there is a huge market being neglected. The 1988 discovery through Rush Limbaugh going nation-wide, was the enormous market for conservative news. Surely there must be the same for entertainment. Huge slices of the electorate get their "news" from entertainment. Why not compete to get the message through?
The second book of Kings in the Old Testament is a usefully depressing history on national decline. It starts with fire coming down from heaven to convince a king, and Elijah ascending to heaven via chariots of fire. It ends with the former king of Judah taken into captivity and dependent on the ruler of Babylon, who condescends to give him an allowance.

Not all kings were part of the descent. Jehoash, Amaziah, and Azariah, for example, all “did what was right in the eyes of the Lord,” except for one thing: “The high places were not removed; the...