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Trickle Down and Tax Cuts

John C6 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 6:14 PM
Gentle Readers, Dear Denis, Your post is very interesting. The entire thesis presented here by Prof. Williams is that the term ' trickle down ' is a straw-man, with no factual basis. Your post is the same; you present ' Let's go shopping! " as a motto for the GW Bush Administration. There's no basis for that. When did he say that, or propose it as a solution to what you refer to as ' Islamo-Fascism '? You're doing exactly what Prof. Williams described in his article. Sincerely, John Lepant Brighton CO
Dr. Thomas Sowell's "'Trickle Down Theory' and 'Tax Cuts for the Rich'" has just been published by the Hoover Institution. Having read this short paper, the conclusion you must reach is that the term "trickle down theory" is simply a tool of charlatans and political hustlers.

Sowell states that "no such theory has been found in even the most voluminous and learned histories of economic theories." That's from a scholar who has published extensively in the history of economic thought. Several years ago, Sowell, in his syndicated column, challenged anyone to name an economist from any economic school of...