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The Coming Environmental Battles

John C6 Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 8:14 PM
Gentle Readers, Whatever you may believe about human CO2 emissions and global warming, proposals to reduce CO2 with a ' carbon tax ' prove that everything Republicans have been saying about taxes is correct. To wit: If taxes on carbon reduce CO2, then; Taxes on Payrolls will reduce Payroll, i.e., create unemployment. Taxes on Business will reduce Business Activity, creating more unemployment and reducing output. Reduced output relative to Demand will cause inflation: higher prices, by the Law of Supply & Demand. Taxes on Capital Gains will reduce Capital Formation and depress stock markets. Proposals for carbon taxes prove that Conservative and Republicans are right about tax policies. Sincerely, John Lepant Brighton CO

The United States is now Balkanized into five distinct voting blocs, says Joel Kotkin. Other political analysts see the nation bifurcating along “makers” and “takers” lines, while still others say 50.6% of the popular vote is hardly a mandate. In any event, when American voters reelected President Obama, they also returned his EPA, Interior, Energy and Justice Departments, and their wide-ranging agenda for “fundamentally transforming” our nation.

This won’t mean just Obamacare, higher taxes on businesses and families, rampant spending, and tens of thousands of pages of new regulations. It will also bring more disputes over energy and environmental...