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Is America Headed Into An Intentional Recession?

John C6 Wrote: Dec 09, 2012 7:30 PM
The ethanol mandate came from the Clinton Administration. Then EPA Director Carol Browner mandated the use of ethanol as an oxygenate in gasoline to reduce certain types of harmful vehicle tailpipe emissions. You'll find a sticker or notice on the gas pump to this effect when you buy gas for your car. Ethanol was the preferred alternative to the chemical MTBE. Browner and Clinton are both Democrats. No idea if they are Marxists. Browner is a member of the Socialist International, and thus may be a Marxist. You could ask her.

“Mah fellow Americans, inflayshun is ow-uh friend…”

If you can pronounce the phonetic wording above – and if it sounds vaguely familiar – then for better or worse you probably grew up watching “Saturday Night Live” like I did. The line comes from a late 1970’s skit wherein funny guy Dan Aykroyd was impersonating President Jimmy Carter.

During his one term as President, Carter addressed the nation numerous times to try and quell people’s fears about inflation, the economic malady that defined the era. During those years, Carter announced several anti-inflation policy measures. He urged Americans to “tighten their belts”...