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Report: Obama Crony Jon Corzine Won't Be Prosecuted For Losing Billions in Private Investments

John Bull Wrote: Aug 17, 2012 1:14 PM
Geee, what a surprise... Last week it was the other wall st crony who donated billi9ons to the emperor, this week is this commie crook... Another commie leftist who rip off America by billions goes free... it is good to know the emperor...

It's good to be friends with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, who are friends with Attorney General Eric Holder. Former New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine helped dream up and craft the $1 trillion taxpayer funded stimulus program which turned out to be a $1 trillion boondoggle riddled with fraud, waste, abuse and payouts to President Obama's union buddies.




Corzine is also the former CEO of...