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Former GOP Gov. Charlie Crist Endorses…Barack Obama

John Bull Wrote: Aug 26, 2012 1:48 PM
ROFLOl... I think what Nodeamass is trying to say is them commies hate us even more. They told their enlightened people to come and witness the carnival freaks on TH, and abuse them for fun. Now they found these enlightened freak tamers are becoming like freaks themselves. Surely now these freak tamers speak the freaks' language, use their logic and have come to believe in abstract thoughts like god, country, honor, duty, life, family, America and prosperity... Or at worst, these supposedly freak tamers seem to not have the stomach to take the "toxic venom that can create brain defect", or in another words "the truth" as spoken by the freaks. So Nomad is saying that the dedicated leftist commies hates us "incurable" freaks even more...

Apparently, former Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist is taking the term “political opportunist” to a whole new level by endorsing President Barack Obama for re-election. Here’s an excerpt from the editorial he penned in the Tampa Bay Times:

I’ve studied, admired and gotten to know a lot of leaders in my life. Across Florida, in Washington and around the country, I've watched the failure of those who favor extreme rhetoric over sensible compromise, and I've seen how those who never lose sight of solutions sow the greatest successes.

As America prepares to pick our president for the next four...