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Democrats: Out of Touch with America on Abortion

John Bull Wrote: Nov 01, 2012 1:30 PM
ROFLOL.. Commie highjacked the world liberalism just as they highjacked the word progressive... yeah murdering millions of Children is liberalims... Making sure that most blacks are slaves back in the intercity plantation wit its problem and never worked a day in their life is liberalism... Defending the women to have abortions, and forcing girls to have it by millions is not liberalism. Forcing mothers, fathers and families in despair and overreaching tax burdens is not liberalism... You commies can change your name to whatever you want... you are still marxists...

Does America know how radical Obama really is on abortion?


From Townhall Magazine's November feature, "Democrats: Out of Touch with America on Abortion" by Katie Pavlich:

Standing in downtown Charlotte, N.C., during the 2012 Democratic National Convention in September, Planned Parenthood volunteers yelled on street corners about how to protect women’s rights. Their hot pink t-shirts read “I’m Voting for Barack Obama” on the back and “2012” on the front—with a birth-control wheel in place of the zero.

Inside the...