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O'Reilly is an authoritarian at heart, from what I've heard over the years. From time to time he spouts words that sound as if he is in favor of individual liberty but seems to want a law for all of his own pet peeves.
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Romney Was Not the Problem

John_Selden Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 9:05 AM
Romney always was a weak candidate in terms of his ability to express the benefits of the free market over a command economy. Wishy-Washy from the first he pretty much said whatever was necessary to get the nomination in a field of other weak, or broken, candidates. Herman Cain frightened the Democrats, which is why there was so much attention focused on finding or inventing dirt. In the end he also proved weak. Romney was perceived as a "moderate" technocrat and was sold as just another rich guy by the Obama campaign. He really did little to dispel these things, with the exception of selecting Paul Ryan as VP, although this is not enough to make a campaign.
The federal government wasn't intended to "solve all our woes", that's our job. Their job is far narrower than that and the Fed's only job should be to maintain a stable dollar.
In the end, monitizing the debt and the unfunded entitlements is all the folks in Washington can think to do. That Bernanke still believes there is a monetary solution to unemployment is amazing - didn't he see the examples of post WW-1 Germany and Zimbabwe? It didn't do much good then either.
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