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Why not come out against the Fourteenth Amendment while you're at it and lead a mass emigration of your progressive, racist, African-American colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus to freedom in Liberia. I hear there's a nice ebola outbreak heading that way. If you hurry you may be able to catch it.
Nice ad hominem, but you said nothing revealing or instructive about the inadequacies of Common Core. Not very helpful.
Good! Get some nuts!
Cut the attorney's nuts off, then ask Roy if he's still having nightmares.
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Modern Family?

John993 Wrote: Mar 14, 2014 4:36 PM
That gives me an idea for a new product: a refrigerator that is only 8" deep. Shallow enough for a man to conveniently access, and no nasty moldy stuff ever again growing in the back to gross out women.
What foreign policy, George?
God Bless Ted Cruz!
Since nobody can be refused Obamacare because of pre-existing medical conditions, it's cheaper for every relatively healthy person to pay the small fine and wait until they develop a serious medical condition that will involved costly treatment. Then apply for Obamacare. You can save many thousands of dollars every year until you NEED to enroll. Obamacare involves high premiums and high deductibles, so it's really only good for catastrophic illness anyway. Don't be a chump! Pay the little fine (or don't!) and laugh all the way to the bank!
Voluntary giving and forced taking are two very different things. The first is good and charitable and encouraged by all religions. The second reflects the tyranny of the powerful and self-serving corrupt who feed off the labors of others.
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Ryan Saves GOP from Itself

John993 Wrote: Dec 14, 2013 11:39 AM
Larry, remember all those Democratic members of Congress who back in October screamed that Obamacare could not be defunded because it was "the law of the land?" Remember that phrase Larry? Over and over again and again on TV? Okay, well the automatic sequester cuts to the budget are also the "law of the land," and I believe they were even Obama's idea in the first place. If the democrats want to shut down the government to undo "the law of the land," why not let them try? Wouldn't that be lovely for Republicans? So why did Paul Ryan, John Boehner, and the rest of the Republicrats torpedo the sequester cuts? Not for the bogus political reason you suggest, but clearly because they don't like the sequester cuts anymore than the Democrats do. And far from saving the GOP from itself, this stab in the back of conservative voters will assure more vigorous primary opposition in 2014, and ultimately will weaken the conservative Republican base for its establishment candidates in the general election. In other words, the establishment GOP has just slit its own throat.
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