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Why was this even posted on TH?!! Since when do we have to even CONSIDER what a fence-straddling, Democrap- lightweight, two time losing (McLame and Mittens) Jurrasic-aged Establishment Rhino has to offer as "advice"??? "Reagan fetish"? What Reagan was able to do was ARTICULATE the foundational principles of our party, and he did so in such a manner he convinced those who thought they knew they were Democrats to understanding that they actually believed in the same things...a "AHA!!!! moment in their lives...similar to Gov. Martinez in NM. The primaries will be an opportunity for someone to inspire the Party, articulate what we stand for and stand against. God help us if it turns into a circular firing squad like the last one. We managed to accomplish the impossible-convince no Democrats, alienate the Independents, and turnoff half the conservative base.
Ol Harry didn't make to the semi-finals in the The Great American Cowboy Poet Contest. I can see why.
Right Indy! Split the vote, split the nation. I hope the dumb azzes will recover in the voting booth!!
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Is Pennsylvania In Play?

john918 Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 8:17 PM
So true. If you can buy the women's vote with a promise of free condoms, imagine what you can buy with a free Ocell phone...two votes?
The Democrats won't find this voting block as easy to con and manipulate as the African-American block. All the Hispanics have to do is look at the 60 years of disintegration of the black families, school drop-out rates, crime and incarceration levels, and the amount of people in this class of voters who are kept on government entitlement programs by a cabal of black multimillionaires who foster this dependency. If the growing Hispanic population is ever to have a shot at the American Dream... and not be forced to raise another generation of yard workers, laborers, nannies, and maids... then they will need to do what the blacks have not done, realize that the Democrats will say, do, promise anything, but just vote for them.
In a land of shadows the man with a lamp is King. Keep shining the lamp Mitt and America will find its way to the polls in Nov! Don't you dare apologize or walk back the truth!!
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