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Michael has made the mistake of believing the phases "modest... common-sense changes", "assualt weapons" and "expanded background checks" mean what he thinks they mean. They don't to the Statist (e.g. Obama, Schumer, Feinstein). They don't definde "assault weapons", because these "AR type" rifles are functionally identical to all semi-auto sporting rifles. "Expanded background checks" to them really means EVERY change of hands between private citizens, even father to son, grandda to granddaughter gifting of a squirrel rifle or shortgun will require an FBI NIC background check on the person receiving! These are MAJOR infringements upon our citizens rights, not minor adjustments. An none will have any positive impact on the real problem.
Union thug criminals! Unions are dangerous unAmerican organized crime families. They should be abolished.
Soledad O'Brien, like so many in the media and the left, is woefully ignorant of the firearms of which they speak. The FBI's own stats bear out what Prof. Lott says. Prof. John Lott is the primier expert on this subject. "Gun Free Zones" are not the answer. Trained responsible armed adults can be a big part of the answer. Exposing and shaming the "entermainment Executives" for the violent movies and interactive videos that train bad people on how to do such terrible things is another important part of the answer.
The problem is, Repub. "leaders", such as, Spkr. Boehner think that Obama and the Leftist want "a deal". They don't want a deal. They want more political ammunition, though it's based upon lies, to try to destroy the Republican brand with. How many times does Lucy (aka. "Democrats") have to pull the ball away and you go flat on your back Rep. Boehner, Sen. McCain, "W", Sen. McConnell, etc. before you realize you're being played for fools?
After I read that "The First Nanny" said this yesterday, I had a nice 2 egg, mushroom, cheese and bacon omelet with corn tortillas for supper. It was delicious. I know the eggs have important nutrients for my eyes and other healthful benefits. I might just have the same again tonight! Nanny Statists, stay out of our kitchens, away from our tables and out of our lives!
Certainly B.O. will do as you say. However, just as there are laws of Physics that when people try to break these laws they break them, so to, there are laws of economics that can't be broken or they will break economies small and large eventually. They can only borrow, spend and the fed buy up Treasury Bonds backed by nothing so long before people, institutions and other gov'ts stop proping our gov't up. The results will be far far worse than Greece or European countries' economic problems.
Romney and the sane people left in the U.S. must resoundedly beat obama and the [no]progressives this Nov., if there is to be any future for this and future generations. They are driving our country, our fiscal house and economy into the ground.
The "Nutty Nana" goes over the cliff, off the rails, steps off the ledge again. This it getting to be a bi-weekly thing for her. For some people like "Nutty Nana" any type of attention is better than no attention at all. But it has to be embarrassing even for the hard-core libs by now... at least those who are in lock step with Nana. lol
Here is another of thousands of examples we see where those who call for "tolerance" and "stop the hate..." are the most intolerant and most hate filled of all. They, like all, will have to give an account one day before The Judge for the evil words and actions they've perpetrated on other.
Liberty loving Americans strongly reject the kneejerk reaction of some politicians to the criminal in Aurora, CO. The most dangerous cities in the U.S. (e.g. Chicago) have the most draconian gun laws restricting legal firearm use. Gangbangers and criminals like this person don’t obey gun or other laws. Adding more restriction on the citizens won’t stop this sort of thing. Extensive research from experts like John R. Lott Jr. using decades of FBI statistics show, more states passing “Conceal and Carry” laws with proper firearms training of citizens have dramatically reduced violent crime in all those states. We reject calls for further restrictions on hundreds of millions of Americans in a vain attempt to stop this aberration.
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