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There is a perfectly logical explanation for it. They imported some Colorado marijuana edibles as a handout (they wouldn't pay for it) and most of them thought it was over.
Nothing to see here, folks. Let's move along. Hey, look! Senator Uterus is single-handedly winning the war on terror - he supported air strikes. Oh, and Peyton Manning broke the passing record. Oh, and Markie single-handedly cleaned up the flood damage - well, maybe a few granola heads helped him. I'll bet he's the last one the terrorists want to see coming up the driveway. When you are a Democrat and the Denver Post doesn't support you, you really are irrelevant. He's a banal, old left-wing elitist. It is his time to go. Let's hope.
Starnes: " I was under the assumption that churches and pastors would not be impacted by same-sex marriage.: Really Todd? You were not looking beyond the step that was currently being presented to you. Colorado State legislator Pat Steadman stated the those who oppose same-sex marriage should be sent to a monastery. He later back-pedaled, but his agenda was revealed. They have been taking it a step at a time, and the imposition on legitimate churches isn't far away. The Knapps' situation gives the movement an inroad to forcing compliance, but success in this instance will embolden them to go after all churches. It will be the establishment of government religion. Sad.
Or if you are the chief executive officer of the US who will use his pen and cell phone to defy the constitution he swore to uphold.
I agree that there was no real embarrassment, but the question was a setup to trap her. From a political debate standpoint she gave the correct answer in that she would be deliberative about it, but she would not rule out the possibility.
Settle down? Nah, this is one to have fun with.
Deadspin should change its name to Deadhead, given its demonstrated microbial mental capacity. Leave it to the left to run willy-niilly with a "scandal" without doing any verification. Maybe Udall can get a job with Deadhead after he is voted out. He can say "if you like your blog, you can keep your blog." He'll fit right in. Or would that be he would fit left out?
Because they have something to hide - either personally or politically. Either way they believe it could be damaging so they use their left-wing bully tactics to keep possible critics at bay. Chickenlooper may have run a successful bre pub, but he is no leader in the public sector. He's not a nice guy. He's a petty, amoral politician who sees his political career as being in jeopardy and has nothing to run on. Notice that he did give the returns to "certain" media outlets - the cheerleaders.
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Local or National Elections?

John910 Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 11:12 AM
This should be mandatory reading for all libertarians and right-wing ideologues. You are not in a position to field successful candidates at this time and only serve to make the Dems successful in elections while making yourself "feel good" about "voting your conscience". You want to have impact, be willing to work from the bottom up to get viable candidates elected at the local, then the state, then the national level. It takes patience and perseverance. That has been the successful playbook of the left. Same sex marriage and abortion are prime examples. The right thing doesn't always "feel good".
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