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I wonder if Six Flags security and management would find it offensive if someone wore a Che Guevara t-shirt. They probably don't know the real story of the notorious murderer and coward.
Only the "birthers" have answers to your questions because no one else has the courage (media) or interest (low information voters) to pursue it. There is a lot of information out there, but you have to go to people who have been marginalized by the media and the left-wing movement to find it.
What a total non-surprise it was to see so many comments critical of Ms. Burger. She has presented herself as a poster child for the Millennials. I would say that the superficiality of the analysis is so evident as to be laughable but it is more sad because it really does speak to them as a group, and it probably does reflect their current attitudes. Not all, but too many of them. My criticism also goes to to those Baby Boomers who are on the left because they are in the positions to influence them, and those Boomers have been effective in inculcating the MIls with all of the pathetic ideologies and concepts that have degraded our country.
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Attacking Achievement

John910 Wrote: Aug 12, 2014 11:11 AM
Once again Mr. Sowell points us to the real problems that plague our society. Since he grew up in that NY environment, he has more than an academic perspective. However, the likes of DeBlasio, Sharpton, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid, Soros, etc. want to lead everyone by the nose. You can bet they will not change the entrance standards for the preferred schools of their benefactors. Which readily accessible school do the president's girls go to now?
One analyst referred to Kerry as Lurch. "You rang?" would be an intellectual upgrade of what comes out of his mouth.
As time goes by, it appears that Jesse's brain is increasingly suffering from the effects of Rip Hawk- like Atomic Drop moves on him in the ring. I can understand Humberto's emotional reaction to Ventura's lionizing of the great coward and murderer.
I guess the brain stem media could only do so much in running interference and providing cover for Oconman. The truth does prevail at some point. I hope it is getting some traction with the regular folks. It is a big reason why ALL Democrats must be driven out of ALL offices from local to national level. They cannot be trusted at this point. The secular socialist elitist movement is too pervasive.
Sorry to disagree, but my experience with them is generally good. Both experiences could be true based on where you live.
Sorry to disagree, but my experience with them is generally good. Both experiences could be true based on where you live.
Udall is hanging his hat on abortion because he has nothing positive to run on. He is a left wing elitist and an ardent Obama supporter - and his voting record shows it. He talks about small business job opportunities in Colorado, but he is in lock step with the administration and environment radicals who would regulate small businesses out of existence. Examples are Obamacare and environmental regulations. He speaks of Coloradans living their lives without government restrictions, but then he praises the government intervention into the bakery shop owner who wants to live by his religious convictions, which supposedly are protected by the Constitution. Not only does the baker have to make the wedding cake for the gay couple or stop making wedding cakes altogether (which he has), he and his employees have to undergo "tolerance training" (my words). He is weak and has nothing to offer but more of the same secular socialist tripe that has taken us downhill for too long. He and others like him across the country must go.
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