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Menstrual Activism

John910 Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 7:22 PM
Nothing new here. Just another left-wing academic elitist who wants to carve out a niche for notoriety. I hope that is the reason, because otherwise acceptance of this really does show that society has lost all sense of decorum. But then, I guess that term is so, choose one: a) Victorian, b) Neanderthal, c) too Christian-like, d) All of the above.
Udall was, is, and always will be a left-wing radical elitist. He is a person of privilege who believes that he and his ilk can run our lives better than we can. I would put my trust more in someone who shows up for court when his son is on trial. No excuse. He is a water-carrier and a shill for Obama and the left. He has doubled down on Obamacare and has sung the praises of ever expanding energy-killing legislation. He does a good job of superficially looking moderate, though. Everyone in every state who has a democrat senator up for re-election should think long and hard about supporting them - either by voting for them or not voting at all. They need to go - Udall and all.
But hey, they're really smart. That makes them better than we are so they have the divine right of "kings" to tell us what to do - and exempt themselves from compliance as they see fit. Because they're really smart.
When a person does not have anything intelligent to say then they must resort to saying something asinine (which I consider to be a measured and dignified term to describe Simon). Simon was probably one of those who used to call our Vietnam veterans "baby burners". He fits right in with Matthews, Schultz, Krugman, and the rest of the intellectually bereft left wing media barnacles.
Only TWO fundraisers? I thought he had a three fundraiser minimum before he would attempt to do anything that remotely resembled a task pertinent to his official duties as POTUS. He must really be taking this one seriously. I'm sure his outrage will galvanize the world into action to resolve this "bump in the road". It gets more sickening every day.
Doc, you fit right in with the ranters. Your emotionalism shines through very glaringly. Yes it is true that the vets have been short-changed for many years. The current criticism from the right is that BO and his bride were so appalled by the condition when they arrived that they were going to make it all better; but much like most issues else HE ranted about during the campaign process, he has done nothing to really fix anything. He has proven himself (and Her) to be an empty suit who is a great campaigner and deflector. Hence the response of J_inVT.
I may have missed it, but I could not find any information regarding the detailed analysis that resulted in the finding that $18B would be needed to "fix the problem". Sloan came up with that number rather quickly given the depth and breadth of the problems at the VA. I suspect it was a top-down WAG that was intended to put those who would demand that some fiscal responsibility and effective management be put in place in a bad light if they balked at that amount. First should come the streamlining and updating of policies, procedures, practices, and processes, then look to see how much money is needed for the future. Sloan has done nothing to FIX the problems so far - and our vets will continue to suffer as a result. Damn those high-handed Washington elitist ba$tard$ to hell!
"Every child a wanted child." Kermit Gosnell will take care of the rest.
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"Not One of Us"

John910 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 11:54 AM
Five years later, the column has stood the test of time. Thank you again, Thomas.
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