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The Buck Stops with Another Typical Liberal Racist

John738 Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 9:27 AM
Just for the record there yachtsman or should it be rowboat. President Lyndon "bonehead" Johnson a DEMOCRAT, started the whole deficit spending ball rolling by taking social security out of it own account and placing it in the general fund to help pay for the war in Vietnam. Oh by the way its the war he escalated. I do believe that most major wars we were involved in democrats were in office. Try picking up and reading a history book or do you need the government to do it for you. I think its you and your little buddy Gilligan who suffer from amnesia.

The Gosh Darn Liberal wrote: Wow, what a week. Obama care passed and hopefully my insurance goes down. Maybe I should call it Romneycare and you people will look the other way. What a week! The weather has slapped most of you in the face and no "Global warming is a fraud" charges. Hope your enjoying your warm spell. What a week. Bin Laden is still dead and it still sticks in your craw. Happiness is a whiney conservative cut off at the knees. What a week! Housing prices are going up in my area. Ransom can stay in D.C. with all the...

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