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First there Cam the sub prime crisis was created by democrats Barney Frank and Chris Dodd forcing banks to give mortgages to people who had no way or means to pay for while serving as head of the way and means committee.He did not save the auto industry we the taxpayers did and have yet to be paid back. This government has no business getting involved in healthcare they can't even fix social security.
I read Huffington Post when I need my mind to go into a fantasy world.
You have to love the people like mountain rose who still cling to canard that it was Christy that helped get Obama re-elected. Do yourself a favor stand in front of a mirror and hold a flashlight to your ears and see if your eyes twinkle. It was the state like California, Florida, Ohio, Illinois and the list goes on are the reason Obama was re-elected. Only 2 incumbent presidents have lost re-election in last 60 years one being Carter and Bush Sr. .
John, Most Hispanics whether catholic or not vote democratic since most fake not having the ability to understand English until they hear the word FREE or the words is that a twenty dollar bill on the floor behind you.
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If Only We Were More Like France

John738 Wrote: May 26, 2013 9:21 AM
I have to agree with you under Clinton and Obama myself and others were constantly worrying about our jobs. Working in the private sector downsizing started to become the norm.
If I am correct Fisker automobiles are built in Finland.
Donjindra, Are you pro abortion if you one thing you should realize is that YOU WERE BORN!
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Obama's Budget Targets IRA Savings

John738 Wrote: Apr 14, 2013 10:27 AM
Think about it people if any of this is actually instituted it would mean political suicide for any of those who chose to support it.
The MSM no longer can be considered journalists when all they spout are their opinions.
1) Do you feel you are entitled to whatever you want or need? 2) I do care a lot and I fear for the future for the young people which is why I care that I do like the direction this administration is taking. 3) I agree, more people tend to be the problem than the solution. 4) It's one thing to be entitled and deserve it than to be entitled simply because you feel that way. Unfortunately many young people today feel they are regardless. 5) The MSM has been dead to me for a long long time. They are nothing but a platform for opinions only.
That is pretty much what I am saying.
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