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The Great Divider

John7286 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 11:13 AM
Thanks, Paul. You have done it again. You have a way with words that few can match. You didn't receive the Pulitzer Prize for nothing. Thanks for saying it so well: faith in the American people vs. government, true leadership vs. demeaning babble.
Emilie3 Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 3:45 PM
Yes, Mr. Greenberg writes well; I never miss his articles. But he is very partisan, saying things like removing Churchill's bust from the Oval Office. That sounds kind of petty. Why should we have busts of any English like Churchill or Thatcher, any of those. This country came to the aid of England, not the other way around. Also, where is the hope in deifying a President from the 80s. Yes, things were better in the 80s with the rise of technology, but that bubble burst, then industry and banking followed. None of that was Obama's fault. Of course Obama wants to level the playing field, give people a shot, bring back the middle class. Why should only the rich benefit. The middle class is squeezed between oligarchs & welfare cheats

Dear Critic,

It was wholly a pleasure to hear from you about our president's Second Inaugural address, which you found uplifting, eloquent, enthralling ... while I felt safe in asserting that, well, it wasn't Lincoln's. Surely that fact is beyond dispute.

I do thank you for writing; I learn most from my critics. Sometimes, like you, they pose a good question, as you did.

You noted that I quoted from the great inaugural addresses of the past -- Jefferson's and Lincoln's and FDR's -- in contrast to Barack Obama's. But what about more contemporary presidents, you asked. Can I think of...

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