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The answer should be "bite me".
Frank - also put in that when Obama took office: Unemployment was 5.4 per cent - Obama ran it up to over 15 per cent with 23 million unemployed, debt under Obama increased more than all presidents combined, and that gas has gone from 1.88 a gallon to a standard of over 4.00 - Obama does not like this country and this is known as spreading the MISERY around.
Dr. Thomas Sowell said it best"welfare is the worst thing that happened to the black family".
Good points.
Last time you voted for Obama to show you were not a racist - this time vote against him to show you are not stupid.
How about telling your children the truth - this is racist and Obama was a failure as a president - he tried to run a private business GM and it is now about to fold again because they gave the company to people who want only to give themselves raises - please wake up.
That has to be the dumbest thing to have been printed.
I think your question is racist in nature - Obama is not losing because of his color but because of his politics - a better question " Mom-Dad why did you vote for a man who has put a financial burden on me for the rest of my life". He hated this country - he loves abortion - why did you vote for this con?
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The Left's Strategy: Crush Fox News

john7099 Wrote: Oct 29, 2012 6:25 PM
Yes by all means the Liberal Left has to crush FOX because right now all the left has is: ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN,NPR,MSNBC,THE VIEW, all of Hollywood - ever sniveling whiner out there - the Muslim terrorist - yes they should be very afraid of the one and only station that does not bow down and kiss the ring.
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