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Van Jones Explains "Cheap Patriotism"

John708 Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 11:15 AM
Van Jones, you aren't even American, you are African, or as you say an African American, and a huge racist. What is that? African American?? No such thing. I'm from Polish ancestors, but I don't call my self Polish American!!! I'm American, Period, and proud of it!!! But not you. You attack the US people, Constitution, and rights, every time you open your mouth. How about you go bact to Africa, a place you know nothing about, have never been or seen.
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Bloomberg Poll: Obama 53 - Romney 40

John708 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 12:39 PM
Bloomberg makes up their own poll results, just like BO and the current administration. The Germans, under Hitler, called it propaganda.
Elizabeth Warren, you are as much Indian as I am Martian. Oh, and you are a liar. If you had any honor, at all, you would resign immediately.
Issa and the Congress needed to take off the kid gloves long ago, and quit playing with this criminal! He's stalling because BO is involved and he is protecting him. Send Holder to jail, then BO, and lets quit playing with these criminals!!
You are just another big mouthed liberal drinking the liberal coolaide.
So Warren is a LIAR. So what?? When has that stopped BO in the white house?? Fact is, the majority of Americans do not bother to check anything they are told. They take it for granted. After all, the president wouldn't lie would he? What is that? He would? You are a racist!!
Socialism always tries to simplify things by using the"All eggs in one basket" plan. The government controls, runs, and rations out the health care in Grease(lol). The government is broke and has no funds to run itself or the country. The people are all out of work (The few that do work) so there is no tax money. Of course the health care system has crumbled. There is no government or money to run it. So, this is what BO has in store for us in the US. Lovely. Impeach him now!
Censorship plain and simple.
Why is Congress wasting our tax dollars $$$$, and their time on this guy?? This is just another stall technique we've seen time and time and time and time... well, you get the picture, again! It is perfectly clear by his letter above, that he is telling Congress, again, 'I've given you all I'm going to give you.' Prosecute this guy already!!!!!! He wouldn't hesitate to do the same to a Republican or Conservative if they were in his shoes.
Americans, especially those that live in NYC, sicken me. NYC people should be lighting torches for illegally usurping their Constitutional rights and freedoms! Yet, there they sit. Ho, hum. Let the little dicktator do what ever he wants. We're just ignorant, defenseless subjects. I've served my country in the Air Force for 25 years and all of you, especially Bloomberg, sicken me!
Sorry! lol I get a little angry watching all of these self centered socialists living high on the hog from our beautiful, capitalist, exceptional nation, all the while spewing hatred for America and Americans.
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