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What is wrong, Larry, is that the US elected a socialist, muslim, president who grew up hating the US, and who is now well on his way to destroying it, using the power the US citizens gave him. Thank your fellow American who voted for this...
PPM, you must realize that this was all set up. Crush large business, small business, and self employed, killing the job market. Raise the prices of gas, food, utilities, insurance, and most other necessities. Crush the US banking system. Levy outragous regulations on utility companies like water and power, and hurt the fishing, oil, and farming industries. Write a presidential order saying 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 illegals have the rights to American jobs, of which we already have %21 unemployment. Now... Mr PPM, where do the people, who lost their jobs because of this mayhem BO has created, go?
After 25 years of service to my country in the Air Force, I'm being forced out because of BO mandated cuts to our military. Meanwhile, BO is expanding his Homeland Security, FEMA, TSA, and IRS with new employees by the hundreds of thousands. Figure that one out! Okay. So my forced early retirement is not enough to pay my taxes, house payment, utilities, and put food on the table. BO has wrecked the job market by raising taxes, helth care costs, food prices, gas..., and has waged war on the private sector businesses. So, what is my option?? Sign up for unemployment, food stamps, and wic.
Talk about free loading bumbs! I'm a hard working, patriotic American who served 25 years in the US Air Force (retired), and I haven't been able to take a vacation in over 2 years!!! Hold on! The tax man is at my door... says he needs more taxes to cover Michelle's flamboyant vacation trip to the Olympics. I punched him in the face and told him to git off my property!
Boycott Newsweek!!! Cancel your subscriptions!!! They are obviously anti-American and probably part of Soroes' propaganda media!
Not being allowed to purchase across state lines is a result of the Pharmaceutical and Insurance companies paying off our crooked, socialist, government officials.
I've got news for you pal. Your 20 something 'children', who are adults, would probably be health anyway. And then there is the question... I've worked hard all of my life to provide for my family and afford health care. Are you one of those free loaders??? You need cheap insurance, because you are sitting at home eating pork rhinds and watching TV?? Real Americans work hard, sacrifice when they don't have extra $$, and don't expect hand outs!!! But, you are correct about the freeloaders and the illegals who are sucking us dry. First things first, though. Get the Communist out of our WH and clean our government out of all the socialists and Marxists he has placed there!!!
Remember, the federal court system is also 'part' of the US government. If they rule against the US citizens, they too, are an enemy of the US Constitution and our nation.
"When the 'people' allow the federal government dictate their rights, it is the day that the United States ceases to exist." - Jefferson If Obama care stands, it is time for the American people to stand also.
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Van Jones Explains "Cheap Patriotism"

John708 Wrote: Jun 22, 2012 11:15 AM
Van Jones, you aren't even American, you are African, or as you say an African American, and a huge racist. What is that? African American?? No such thing. I'm from Polish ancestors, but I don't call my self Polish American!!! I'm American, Period, and proud of it!!! But not you. You attack the US people, Constitution, and rights, every time you open your mouth. How about you go bact to Africa, a place you know nothing about, have never been or seen.
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