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Is it a surprise that a Conservative organization would choose invite only......conservatives. If these groups / individuals want to start their own group for squishy moderates, go to it.
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Chris Christie Won't Be At CPAC

John6737 Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 11:43 AM
Why should Christie be at a conference for conservatives. He should wait for a conference for left-appeasing moderates.
I would think a potential felony charge could be used to get Gillette to sing like a canary and implicate those further up the food chain.
Gun Free Zone = defenseless people available here
Move them to San Francisco?
After playing basketball, will Dear Leader, Reggis Love and Rhambo go to Man's Country and relax???
I would prefer he got a berth next to Jimmy Hoffa.
I'll bet the UAW workers in Toledo are thrilled about this. Not only are US taxpayers ripped off, the UAW jobs will be gone too. That is Hope & Change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If those mean reporters keep asking questions about Libya, Michelle will beat them up.
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