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I just donated to conservative Matt Bevin who is the primary challenger to Mitch McConnell. Not a penny to the RNC.
I must agree with him. I find it hard to believe that 30% would still approve of him.
Despite the problems of Obamacare, we must consider the uncanny ability of the Republican party to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Republican leadership's bashing of conservatives (McConnel, Cornyn, Boehner etc.) has turned off conservative voters. Romney lost because many conservatives stayed home rather than vote for a "moderate".
Mr. Priebus: Your "explanation" is pure bovine scatology. Old guard Republicans will do anything to hurt conservative and Tea Party candidates even if it means a Republican election loss.
I would expect that they are.
Congressman: We will carefully watch your actions and votes to determine if you indeed do represent the people in your district. We have all been taught that a politicians words have little meaning or value.
This could get problematic if they attempt to enforce it against US Administration members.
Perhaps they were reminded about Leon Panetta's comments in September of 2012 about the rebels having taken control of some chemical / biological weapons. It is NOT clear who used the Sarin gas. It is not uncommon for Islamofacists to sacrifice their own people to gain an advantage. Before we turn the US military into the Al Qaeda airforce again (remember Libya), we better make certain who is using the Sarin.
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