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Sandra Fluke: Women in America Are Silenced

John6729 Wrote: Sep 07, 2012 12:39 AM
EMTALA: Look it up Ms. FLuke, you should love it being a lawyer. A law that requires Emergency Departments (Department is the term we now use in the hospital industry) to treat any patient who walks in the door and stabalize before a patient can be transferred to another facility. Ms. Fluke rehashes the old liberal line, appealing to emotion over reason, that women will die if Republicans get in power. What ever happened to the cases of women testifying before Congress who just had to have a partial-birth abortion or they would die? Oh yeah, not one person testified because NARAL and other pro-abortion groups could not find a case that required this elective and murderous procedure. Fluke is a Frosty Flake.

Sandra Fluke, the woman who asked taxpayers to foot the bill for her birth control in February, just wrapped up her speech at the 2012 DNC. Her remarks were brief but typical, arguing a Romney presidency would set women back and leave women to die "preventable deaths in emergency rooms."

Fluke has become a center piece of the Obama campaign and is being used to represent women. She embraced a second term for President Obama saying, "In which our president stands with all women.”

But does President Obama really stand with "all women?" Fluke shot to fame after...