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Thank you, RTAlamo. I am one of those who have been desperately trying to make my way to Texas for the last 6 months. My wife and I joke often about living in the People's Republic of California. I've met a lot of Texans, travelled to Texas for work and I have not met friendlier people anywhere. I anxiously await finding a job there. Californian by birth, Texan by choice. That's my motto moving forward.
Amnesty to millions who will vote for people like her and give them access to every social program will destroy Texas' conservative leanings as well.
I live in California. I am actively trying to move to Texas (please don't hate me people of Texas!) simply because it is run by people who value the things I do, believe the government hinders progress, both economic and social. Ms. Davis, I hope, doesn't represent the people of Texas, because I'm fleeing California to get away from government run by idiots, like her.
How about Fast and Furious? ATF guns showing up at murders in Mexico? But that's just a conservative story, right? Fool.
You are a trolling fool. More scruples? Despite standing up and LYING to every American time and again about their health care. If you want to have a debate, fine, but don't be such a mouth piece of BS.
None of this is surprising. The left plays this BS "support the troops" card while not supporting their mission as if the later somehow absolves them of their unwillingness to take the fight to the enemy and win. During the Democratic primaries, Hillary played her now infamous infomercial about who would be able to handle those late night calls when the world is falling into chaos. The GOP had better rehash that commercial with scenes of Benghazi. She has accomplished zero in her career, except being elected. With the current President, we see just how dangerous such an empty pant suit occupier can be.
You must smoke crack, lois, which is just a reiteration of your current name from previous manifestations of "lois." India is one of the worst stratified nations on Earth.
Why does it take the Ethics Committee to determine if Congressional rules were violated? The man bought coke (snort not drink) from cops. If politics are the "last thing on his mind." Is the first where he can buy more coke? I'm a Republican through and through and this is a disgrace and so is Rep. Radel.
I guess the 13th, 14, and 15th Amendments were garbage...I mean they were passed by Republicans.
F***ed in the head.
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