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Agree. O'Reilly is hardly hard right. And you made the point well that their message is being diluted and therefore any variance is the equivalent of treason. It is a coordinated effort, from voting fraud, the fairness doctrine, IRS, to silence objectors. The shift left is vast across the culture and we can discuss reasons but the fact remains that this nation is for the most part a center to center-right nation but that can only remain so with vigilance.
Pick up the LA Times, Washington Post, NY Times, all the same stories. Forever, these guys have coordinated what is in the news that pushes their agendas. The problem is no one is listening to them. Their readership, or viewership in cases like MSNBC and CNN, are virtually non-existent. Their "followers" are "knuckleheads" as FLOTUS said to Jimmy Fallon. These knuckleheads get their news online or from the Daily Show. Therefore, Fox has to be silenced. This issue will not fade away and must be fought diligently.
This journalists quote proves liberals are economically illiterate. Simply mind numbing.
Liberals get off thinking they are so compassionate through forced volunteerism, redistribution of wealth, murder of the unborn at any stage and, in the case of the Ho, Sandra Fluke, free condoms and contraception. The fact is this is not compassion of any kind and we see in acts like this Project Veritas video that they lack a moral compass to any standing to lecture me on who is compassionate. They are vile and, like most liberals, a drain on society.
Nice job, Mr. Governor. Don't you know that a Republican must be squeaky clean compared to any other? Black eye for the Republicans, so much so that a former Clinton hack became the governor of your state..
How many of those that were previously "uninsured" were previously able to sign of and receive Medicaid? I have not seen any indication of those numbers.I work in health care/hospitals. We have a staff person dedicated to going to "uninsured" patient rooms with the intent of getting them to sign up for Medi-Cal (in California), should they qualify. Out of those who do, the vast majority never complete the paperwork and send it back for us to process so we can get paid and eventually adjust the balance as charity. The current Medicaid level is 400% of the poverty level and because many lazy Americans fail to act on benefits already available to them, the Left has reorganized and screwed up the entire industry.
Trust me, I have none. God-fearing, gun toting, Constitution loving, meat eating American.
I got rid of liberal friends after I graduated kindergarten. Now, I only surround myself with God-fearing, gun toting, Constitution loving people.
Name 1 accomplishment of Hillary's besides standing by an adulterous husband? Elected Senator of New York? They just elected a socialist as mayor of NYC. Name 1? She's a joke. And FYI, teabagging is your homosexual friends' activity of choice. Idiot.
Thank you, RTAlamo. I am one of those who have been desperately trying to make my way to Texas for the last 6 months. My wife and I joke often about living in the People's Republic of California. I've met a lot of Texans, travelled to Texas for work and I have not met friendlier people anywhere. I anxiously await finding a job there. Californian by birth, Texan by choice. That's my motto moving forward.
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