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Akin: Sorry Guys, I’m here to Stay

John6729 Wrote: Sep 26, 2012 3:10 AM
And there goes the Republican living in fantasy land, I don't have the ideal conservative, therefore to hell with the whole thing. First, I'm 38, hardly "old guard." What is the other option? Don't vote? Let McCaskill win by default? In the real world, sometimes it is the lesser of two evils when you are dealing with humans who by their nature are corrupt. You know the whole checks and balances things the Founder's came up with to balance the changing landscape in the House with "the most deliberate body in the world" in the Senate.

Get used to it: Missouri Senate hopeful Todd Akin is in it for the long haul:

A defiant Rep. Todd Akin made it official today, saying once again he will not drop out of the Missouri Senate race.

Today was the last day Akin could be removed from the November ballot -- something top Republicans had sought since he made comments in August about "legitimate rape."

As ministers and social conservatives such as Phyllis Schafly stood at his side, Akin said at a news conference that the people of Missouri spoke when they elected him the Republican Party's...