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I'm surprised that he didn't ask her to donate her $4.75, the greedy bass turd.
I like it too!
I like it too!
Am I understanding the point of this? This guy makes $50,000/year and is in the 47% that doesn't pay taxes? How does he get away with that?
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Obama’s God Fails Him Again

John6563 Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 3:58 PM
Gimme a break. He will NOT win.
S l u t, not tart.
It offends me deeply.
Thank you
Medicare is not a contributory program for seniors; it is a Ponzi scheme. There are and fewer people paying for more and more people each year. Ponzi schemes work for a while then collapse of their own weight. Obama just moved the collapse a few years by taking funds out of Medicare. The collapse is eminent.
False based on facts not in evidence.
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