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Hey little boy, do you post your tripe on every discussion? Go away! Your time is gone!
Go away little libturd.
Ryan / Rubio 2020 or Ryan/ West 2020 Any conbination works for me.
Silly little man.
Neither can right wingers. He can probably get 2% of the vote; just enough to destroy my country. Puck ewe ever so much Mattie.
Crawl off and die. Paul lost. Git over it. I'm looking forward to Rand Paul running someday. He may be a better candidate than his father. But, Ron Paul is nothing but a distraction now.
"An infant is generally understood to be between one and twelve months post delivery, while a fetus is a developing mammal prior to birth." Considered by who? The baby is a baby well befor he/she exits the birth canal. Only a God damned demonrat considers her/him an inconvenience.
I forgot, remind me. What did Hitler do?
Yes, she is in the 47%. Yes, she is an Obama voter. And, yes, Mr, Romney will not convince her to vote for him. Trust the demonrats to damn you for speaking the truth.
I'm surprised that he didn't ask her to donate her $4.75, the greedy bass turd.
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