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Rubio's Amnesty: A Path to Oblivion for the GOP

john653 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 10:03 AM
what is all this c-r-a-p. We still dont know the meaning of illegal? When are our supposed representatives going to enforce the laws , quit spouting about gun control , start getting back to a balanced budget, and stop passing meaningless bill after bill? This has got to stop. Illegal immigration is as it says illegal. Enforce it. Quit the BS. Close the borders and deport any and all illegal aliens. That is the law. We already have gun control. Enforce it. Quit waisting time and money on it just for political points. If they want to confiscate guns, confiscate them from the criminals, not you and me. Congress is supposedly required to have a balanced budget. Get one. If it is not required then quit worrying about it.
conservative_one Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 10:11 AM
Very good common sense spoken here.

That means:
That on MSNBC and others, you would be called, racist, hateful, stupid, far-right hater, Republican road block, and other open minded progressive comments.
john653 Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 10:09 AM
Start convicting and holding responsible these politicians and government employees. If the four that were put on 'leave' for Bengazi are bad at their job, then at least fire them.
If Obama goes against the constitution, then impeach him.
If a deal was already made to cut defense and other spending, then dam it cut them.
The politicians cant even keep their word 6 months after they make a deal.
And most of all quit giving away our money, this has to stop......

Apart from finding out that Barack Obama did far worse in his re-election than nearly any other incumbent who won re-election, the only thing that perked me up after Nov. 6 was coming across a Time magazine published after the 2004 election, when George W. Bush won a second term.

In the mirror image of all the 2012 post-election analyses, the Democrats were said to be finished, out of ideas, hopelessly unpopular. It's like watching MSNBC, with the word "Democrats" replaced with "Republicans."

Democrats had thrown everything they had into beating Bush, crushing the Howard Dean wing of...