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Just Because California Is Terrible, that Doesn’t Mean Texas Is Perfect.

john653 Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 10:04 AM
very sad. Politicians were not supposed to be a full time career. But it is. So just like other careers, they will maximize their earnings, on our money. Comparing states, when all states are at fault. To big a government and all of them grabing for tax money given whatever reason or means. In TX I had a 210K house and tax was 6400 a year, moved out and have a 300k house currently paying 2100 a year. Sure no income tax, and currently i am paying about 4%, but when I retire, in about 3 years, who will be the better? You can crunch the numbers.... I wonder when the next revolution will happen? Or will my and your children be a bunch of wimps that just accept paying, paying, and paying, whether it be money, freedom, or blood............

Texas is in much better shape than California. Taxes are lower, in part because Texas has no state income tax.

No wonder the Lone Star State is growing faster and creating more jobs.

And the gap will soon get even wider since California voters recently decided to drive away more productive people by raising top tax rates.

But a key challenge for all governments is controlling the size and cost of bureaucracies.

Government employees are probably overpaid in both...

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