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I agree, but would like to see a step further. Eliminate the VA hospitals and sell them to private hospitals if we can. For Veterans care, they don't even need an ID, all vets remember their service number, The Dept of Defense has records of them, If the vet needs to see a doctor, let him go to a private physician, give them his/her service number, the doctor could verify online if he/she is a vet and use their Drivers license to verify they are who they say they are, then treat them. Then the doctor could send the bill to the VA for payment. If a doctor refuses service because they don't want to participate, that is their decision, the vet would then have the freedom to go down the street to another doctor. Sounds simple, and it is. Unfortunately the gov never seems to want a simple solution.
Yes you are correct, but I figure it would take at least 2 years for Biden to raise himself to the level of incompetence that Obama is at. By that time we would be to the 2016 elections.
I never thought I would say this, but it always comes down to choices. McCain in 2008. Romney in 2012. Now I want Biden in 2014. At least that might smooth out the last 2 years?
broken immigration system? There is no 'broken immigration system'. There is an immigration system here in the USA that is not enforced. And that is the real problem. When Obama and friends begin to enforce the current laws, deport illegal aliens, secure the border, then we might want to look at the immigration system to see if some areas need fixing, not re-write the whole immigration system.
'another fine mess you have gotten us into Obama' What should happen now, but I doubt it. 1. all appointees should be fired and pay their back pay back to the government 2. all decisions made by them and/or with others should be rescinded. any other way would be just kneeling down to his highness, Obama. And don't say to me we should feel sorry for the appointees! Then they could go back through the process legally (cough, cough)
I agree with you on that. They should have a mandatory retirement of 70, must be 'stupid does, stupid is' for all these voters. Democrats voting in republican primary?? Republicans voting in a democratic primary?? no wonder Cochran won, I would rather run against Cochran if I were the democrat , also.
no way in hell do I want that woman Sarah Ingram in charge of or connected in any way to my medical treatment and/or insurance, and for that matter my taxes. She even looks the part of everything I hate about liberals and any of their philosophies on life. I have been fighting her and her cronies all my life.
So, OK we all know the problem, including the bureaucrats and their unions. Even when President Reagan was in office, he couldn't totally reduce the size of government. So we use the power of the VOTE. HA HA. We voted in a Republican house and they wont even start to defund Obamacare much less the EPA , etc. Eliminate some of the administrations, like housing, labor, education. Not in my life time. Seems one qualification to being elected is to become a Unich. All of a sudden they must compromise, and the intent for which they were voted in is lost in the shuffle. Maybe we could eliminate the unions and the lobbyists. MAYBE. But I will not hold my breath. So, you tell me, how do you coral this monster?????????
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Amnesty Lite Is Still Amnesty

john653 Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 8:24 AM
Good article Dr. Sowell, one correction. Where you say 'then you pass laws to control the borders ', I believe we have enough laws in place to accomplish that. Just nobody so far has had the gumption to enforce them. If it means placing troops on the boarder to immediately secure it, I am for it. Until a permanent solution is found. Whether it be a physical fence, electronic surveillance, or real guards marching on the boarder, or a combination of all, this ha to happen. As far as amnesty , I say NO. Set them back across the boarder and allow them to apply for legal entry, then they could apply for citizenship.
When are they going to learn that their should have never been student loans in the first place? Probably never. If I had my say, stop funding ALL loans right now, stop giving them to anybody, and let the free market determine what colleges and universities cost.
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Cantor Loses By 11 Million Voters

john653 Wrote: Jun 12, 2014 9:16 AM
no amnesty no way. Deport them all. It would be good to copy Israel's policy, if you are here illegally, you are bused out, period...
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