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Sigh: Birthers Now Targeting Ted Cruz

John6445 Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 12:56 PM
No, the birther movement was started by Barack Obama. Until he declared himself to be a presidential candidate, he claimed that he was born in Kenya.

Hey, at least they're bipartisan.  For the uninitiated, the Texas Senator and conservative stalwart was born in Calgary, Canada -- prompting some to insist that he's not a "natural born citizen" and is therefore ineligible for the presidency.  But there are only two types of citizens under the law: Natural born Americans (from birth), and naturalized Americans, who undergo the legal process of becoming a US citizen.  Cruz never experienced the latter proceedings because he didn't need to; his mother was born and raised in Delaware, rendering Cruz an American citizen from the moment of his birth abroad.  Meanwhile,...