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A neighbor of mine works for the Post Office. He drives a BMW. Must be nice.
Romney should have won in a landslide. Four years from now, the economy will still suck. The debt will exceed $20 trillion. Unemployment will still be above 8%. Obama's handouts bought the election. Things will not get better in this country until Obama leaves office.
Lois: Clinton lowered the capital gains taxes. Then, after the Republicans took control of Congress, they balanced the budget. These actions provided stability to the business community. Of course, the economy would done even better if Clinton did not raise our taxes.
If liberals understood economics, they would not be liberals.
Unions aren't all bad. Those poor union auto workers who were caught on video smoking dope and drinking beer on their break just got their jobs back. And, back pay. Where would those working stiffs be without the union?
Nothing stopping these guys from writing a check to avoid the fiscal cliff right now.
Only in America can a man of such limited intelligence make so much money by simply acting like a tough guy.
Clearly you do not understand how our government works. The House of Representatives controls spending, not the President. The Republican controlled Congress created those surpluses, not Clinton. The Democratic controlled Congress left us with the GREAT RECESSION. Of course, Obama and the Democratic controlled Congress turned a modest recession into the longest recession in US history. Of economy only improved after the Republicans gained control of the House in 2010.
There were three Democrats, in three different states, who were forced to resign from their positions because they were caught on video showing people how to register to vote in multiple states. According to John Fund, author of the book "Stolen Elections", because we do not have a national voter database, there are an estimated 3 million people who are registered to vote in more than one state.
Fifty percent of all Americans pay no federal income tax but Congress wants to increase taxes on the fifty percent that do pay taxes? Ask the fifty percenters that pay no federal income taxes to contribute something.
If anyone wants to see real racism, just look at how the Democrats treat any black Republican.
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