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Republicans had better start doing them same.
Can you provide a link to this information? Or, is this simply your opinion?
Obamacare is destroying itself.
All of a sudden liberals care about the Bible?
Typical. They do the same thing at the White House. When are those naïve people who continually vote for Democrats going to get a clue?
How are people with no skills nor experience supposed to enter into the workforce?
Why does anyone think that Hillary is qualified to be president?
The government needs to get out of the student loan business. If a college accepts a student, let that college make the loan, not the US taxpayers. Considering that many colleges have billions in endowments, I think that they can afford to take the hit if some of their students default on their loans. They might also be more careful with their finances, rather than simply raising tuition.
Unfortunately, the people that he claims he wants to help are either too uninformed or too stupid to realize that he is only making their situation worse.
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