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The Public History of a Campaign That Failed

John642 Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 8:49 AM
I concur. Do NOT discount votes of the dead and illegal in key states and precincts. We must not only get out and vote, every one of us, but we need to get involved as poll judges. I'm from Illinois, and I know.

The first hour was all fun, all idle nonsense and laughter. But that could not be kept up. The steady drudging became like work, the play had somehow oozed out of it, the stillness of the woods and the sombreness of the night began to throw a depressing influence over the spirits of the boys and presently the talking died out and each person shut himself up in his own thoughts. During the last half of the second hour nobody said a word. – Mark Twain, The Private History of a Campaign That Failed

Obama has a problem spending...

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