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A "church" isn't a single entity. It has a hierarchy that determines the dogma and consequently, the way scriptures are taught. It's like a government in essence, that has members, voters, representatives, employees, etc. The way this federal government works now is to dictate the morals and teachings of the churches. So much for the 1st Amendment.
In that case, I don't think it would be enforced since Muslims don't believe in Insurance. There is a definite double standard working here.
I think you've both hit the right button. Before his election, Obama said his ultimate aim and desire was for a single payer system such as socialized medicine.
it's a fly larvae that feeds off the dead. That is the definition of what Holder is trying to do.
B2s loaded with cluster bombs work pretty well.
Really? Is there some other nitwit thing we can have Holder spend money on? The man's a moron. We know who did it.
"In short, the agency says its back-up digital tape was scrubbed and re-used every six months," Really? A "tape" ? Do the really think everyone in the US is technically ignorant? Tape hasn't been used for data storage for a whole bunch of years. This is "NOT" the Nixon administration.
I wonder if the judges would have put her through on AGT if they knew she was a Conservative. I loved it. Brilliant comedienne.
All too many people can't understand that.
The Wall Street Journal says you're wrong, and it's very Left Wing. Some multimillionaires do pay a lower effective income-tax rate than some middle-income taxpayers; receiving a chunk of your income via long-term capital gains rather than a paycheck is just one reason that happens. But the top 20% of income earners paid 70% of federal taxes in 2007, according to the most recent data available from the Congressional Budget Office. That group also pulled in 60% of total pretax income, according to the CBO. http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304356604577338122267919032
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