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Confused and Adrift

John609 Wrote: Aug 20, 2013 12:23 PM
"That the Americans seem unwilling to do much more than talk, " That is why I call Obama ... Oblah blah. He is a huge BSr and always has been. He is the man who will go down as the one who destroyed America with his lies, corruption and hatred for freedom and enterprise.
Wasn't there something in the bible about it being better to tie brimstone around one's next and be cast into the sea than to lead children astray. I am not a bible reader, but I recall that pear of wisdom being stated once by a priest at my high school back in the old days. That quote makes a lot sense to me now.
Iambic pentameter is a tad difficult for novice song writers and child choirs even if they had studied it a bit. Being a five beat to the bar set of lyrics, it would take a Brubeck quartet to pull it off convincingly. Homer, of the Iliad was the grand master of such verse, but then who reads that tripe anymore ... the left has Alinsky and Obama to read ... what more is there?
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