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Sorry. He isn't UN-American. He is ANTI-American.
"With great power comes great responsibility." I don't know if I'd call the media folk "aristocrats". They are elitist, though, and they do tell you what to think. Just look at your typical TV programming, or almost any movies made since the 70's. Co-opting the media is as important as "owning" education.
The offense comes when a person uses it with an implied race. "You people need to learn your place" "You people are too uppity." "You people have rhythm." "You people can't jump."
A perfect example of racism - true racism - can be experienced by listening to WPFW radio here in the DC area. Anyone can reach it through and getting to their live streaming audio. I listen because it is the only station here in the DC area that regularly plays great jazz. Their "slogan" is "Jazz and Justice".
It isn't simply a deconstruction of the language. They also recreate it. The perfect example is the "homophobe" - transferral of the negative implied by one who has an irrational fear to someone who disagrees with a lifestyle.
If a "black mark" is racist, then Michelle Malkin truly is a "Gold Star".
Sorry, Inkling, but you're missing the boat here. Obamacare may have been decades in the making, but when it came time to put it into law it was rammed through without giving lawmaters or the public a chance to even read it before congress voted on it. Obama's tactics have been to create a crisis atmosphere where something has to be done immediately, the law gets passed, and then we find out the crisis wasn't there and the law was garbage. This needs to be considered in all legislation.
If you have a world government with real power, we sacrifice the American ideals. No longer will life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness be recognized as unalienable rights. America would be subservient to other governments. If we truly believe in American exceptionalism, we must fight against the internationalization that is taking place. We must limit our trade so that it only occurs with nations making sincere efforts at recognizing the inalienable rights we take for granted as Americans. Those nations that are corrupt, or that use their labor forces as virtual slaves should be avoided. Those with extremist views that do not respect human rights should be denied trade with us.
Supply side economics isn't bad by itself. The problem we have is that business has avoided the labor side of the equation by exporting manufacturing. This ties us tightly to the world economy, and ultimately drags down the American standard of living. They avoid paying the American cost of labor, and sell products here in the US. This leads to a contiinuous downward spiral in the value of the dollar. Supply-side economics works in a closed economy. It doesn't work, however, with International trade, where each nation has its own laws associated with labor, environmental concerns, etc. If we were to move in the direction of securing the economy internationally, it would eventually put us under a single world government with real power.
This is easy to say, Jeff. But we have learned with Obama that reacting too quickly leads us to a bad solution that nobody wants and doesn't address the real problems. Cutting the budget by half may sound good, but it throws huge numbers of people out of work - Federal employees, federal contractors, government suppliers, and military among them. What we need is a long-term strategy we can actually be happy with, will lead toward prosperity, and address our financial needs without hurting our ability to defend the national interest. Simple solutions lead to horrible results.
We need to be careful about coming up with alternatives to the broken systems of Washington and Wall Street, so that when the problems are addressed, the solution will work. Reacting too quickly will lead us into another Obamacare, or worse. Reacting too slowly will give us another Social Security crisis.
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