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Dandy-Walker Syndrome?
There are none. However, there are many all black companies. I even went to a head hunter abotu a job, and he took one look at me and said, "This company won't hire you. They only take Indians". (meaning from Asia) I had a manager in my own company - who came from India - tell me that he would only hire people from India. "They work like slaves and never question what I tell them to do," he said. There are racists everywhere. But a "birther" is not a racist. A birther simply wants the constitutional mandate that a President or Vice President be born in the USA to be taken seriously, and that a person running for the highest office in the land should be able to prove that they do. There are other variations - but this is the core of it
LA. Boston. Tampa. Mobile. St Louis.
It is obviously a sexist reference.
No money.
My wife had pulled into a parking space and pulled all the way through so she wouldn't have to back up to leave. Her neck was bothering her, and it caused her great pain to turn her head. As she turned off the engine, a woman in a car who apparently had targeted the spot for herself leaned on her horn and started yelling at us as we got out of the car. We ignored it. So she pulled into the parking space RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE WE PARKED and continued her tirade, while dragging her 5 or 6 year old daughter along, nearly yanking her arm out of its socket. I tried to explain that my wife had a serious neck pain, but she would have nothing of it. Instead, she turned to her daughter, and said, "See how racist white folk are?" Think about it.
"Diversity" creates walls between people.
I was sitting in a sales meeting when I worked for IBM. One of the department members had been appointed the "diversity advocate". She was asked to give a report on what the "diversity" direction was the company had taken on. "Isn't it wonderful that we no longer have white Christian men in positions of responsibility and power here?" were the first words of her presentation. I was sickened.
I think I hear the theme music for the "Twilight Zone".
Sorry. He isn't UN-American. He is ANTI-American.
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