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Soros Says: Print More Money, Please- But I Propose the Soros Rule

John5892 Wrote: Jun 04, 2012 10:00 PM
It has been my observation that Soros backs politicians and a political agenda of uncontrolled spending on social welfare then shorts the currency. He then makes money when the currency collapses in value. He takes advantage of peoples greed and gullibility in thinking that the government can provide a free lunch and the liberal progressive politicians who promise it to get elected.

It’s time to create the Soros rule. We need to protect financial markets from a guy who’s too big to fail and just can’t help himself.

You can be sure that even as he gave a speech over the weekend nagging Eurozone officials into more of the easy money policies that have the world teetering on a the brink of a depression, that George Soros has something at stake.

“In my judgment the authorities have a three months’ window,” said Soros at the Festival of Economics, in Trento Italy, “during which they could still correct their mistakes and reverse...