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The "God-Particle" and God

John5840 Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 11:30 AM
And exactly wrong to boot. You may be confusing the process of fixing a point of meaning with the content of the process. The extraordinary variety of firmly held religious beliefs should tell you that. For example, some folks believe that their sprituial progress toward the planet Kolob is a fixed reality and provides a fixed meaning. Others believe that spiritual progress is fixed on how they treat cows. If meaning were fixed, then religions would not vary so widely in the meaning they assign to reality. WHat they have in common is the process.
They found the "God-Particle."

That was the headline in many of America's news media. It turns out that the name actually derives from substituting "God-particle" for "goddamn particle," the original name some scientists had given the elusive particle. But the media adopted the former nomenclature.


Because otherwise, the bulk of humanity would not pay attention. Physicists went nuts. And no one can blame them. For decades, they have searched for the particle that may explain why there is any mass in the universe. And ten billion dollars were spent on the machine that probably proved its existence.

It is therefore not meant in...

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