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LaPierre to CPAC: “Let the Elitists Who Scorn You Be Damned”

John5507 Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 12:32 AM
"passionate and unwavering" More like maniacal and unhinged, wayne is struggling to stay relevant after his disastrous response to the CT shooting. I guess now that the gop has forced the country into yet another fiscal problem, there won't be any money for arming all teachers. Perhaps the NRA should foot that bill. After all, they're "passionate and unwavering".
bmallett Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 9:21 AM
it's no mind sheepeople like you that don't get the picture no gun zone does not matter to criminals you can make the whole world a no gun zone the criminals don't care it just makes it easier for them to get what they want your money break in when your not there rape your wife and daughter at gun point or anything else they want wake the up or I could send you a pair of my spare scissors
bmitchell671 Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 2:09 PM
i am you side ding dong re read my post...geez
bmitchell671 Wrote: Mar 16, 2013 12:39 AM
as if only convservatives have guns...why this is going nowhere is the number of democrats from real America who own firearms. It's the leftist miscreants, ingrates and malcontents like yourself John who are ok with the government enfringement on the 2nd ammendment and blaming the gun instead of the lunatics in this world - the same ones that are created and fed by Hollywood, the video game industry and media of all types. The last number of shooters were all registered democrats or anti government types....

Based on Wayne LaPierre’s speech today at CPAC today, it’s abundantly clear that this is a man, who, in the face of harsh criticism and never ending ridicule, only grows more passionate and unwavering in his defense of Americans’ Second Amendment freedom.

“In their distorted view of the world, they are smarter than we are. They are special and more worthy than we are. They know better than we do,” the NRA chief said, referring to political elites and liberal media. Although freedom-loving Americans are the ones being labeled as “crazy” in the the gun control debate, LaPierre argued...