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Did Obama Benefit from Competent GOP Governors' Policies on Election Day?

John5507 Wrote: Nov 11, 2012 2:22 AM
First off, there are no "competent GOP governors". More likely, the blatant voter suppression laws they tried to enact backfired on them, encouraging more people to vote. Florida is a great example. An unindicted co conspirator in a massive medicare fraud at HCA buys an election in Florida. He, along with the rethuglican legislature start axing public employees as fast as they can, try slipping the privatization of the entire Corrections department into a spending bill in the middle of the night and the unemployment rate skyrockets housing prices are in the toilet and they're busy worrying about abortion bills and voter suppression bills instead of fixing the 10+ percent unemployment. Meanwhile, over 90% of businesses pay NO income tax.

Here's something I've been trying to figure out since Obama's re-election on Tuesday, and which I included in my column in Townhall Magazine's December issue (so consider this a sneak peek!): Everyone kept saying the economy was the main issue; and the exit polls agreed. How did residents of swing states feel comfortable enough economically to think four more years of the same would help?

Of the “toss up” states in this election, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nevada and Florida all elected GOP governors post-2008, and several have GOP senators. In fact, only two toss-up states in 2012 had...