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TSA-Style Gropings Coming Soon to Public Schools

John524 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 5:51 PM
Look it is leftist policies that prevent people from being committed when they need. it. Not to mention lack of funds to house them. Our jails are full of mentals. I can't count the number of times I took a mental into custody, only to have them walk out of the hospital before I even completed the report. Yea that is a real in depth evaluation. They need help
Public Citizen Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 7:48 PM
We used to have adequate public funds to take care of those who would harm themselves and others by reason of insanity.
We took that money, starting in the 60s and turned the inmates of the asylums loose on the public streets. We gave the money saved to those who would willingly sponge off the public.
We are still pursuing the same irrational policies today, and our increasingly out of control and unstable society is the product.
Joseph64 Wrote: Dec 20, 2012 7:40 PM
Exactly, this. People who are mentally unstable and may pose a threat to the community should not be treated as outpatients. They need to be locked up for the protection of everyone. Our forebears understood this. Scattered around the country are the remnants of hospitals for the insane that they built. Many of these are now dilapidated and falling down and it is because of the "compassion" of the left that these facilities are no longer in operation.
Anytime I hear leftists look for solutions I am skeptical. Speaking in Newtown, Connecticut, Obama stated with absolute resolution, "These tragedies must end, and to end them we must change."  We have heard that word "change" before.  We must change.  OK.  How exactly?  A madman goes on a rampage and the rest of us must change?
Then Democrat operative, Kirsten Powers goes on Fox News and opines that we should make it easier to forcibly commit people.  All Americans should be on alert; we have been warned exactly what is coming.  This may be the most critical...