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The Complex Truth About the Second Amendment

John524 Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 8:58 AM
You're a sad pathetic individual. Name one pace where registration has not ultimately led to registration. You can't because there isn't one. The debate has ended because we will accept no further restrictions. Period. Have you even read these proposed bills? State as well as the Frankfeinstein bill? The seek not only to ban AR and AK type rifles, but ANY firearm CAPABLE of accepting a magazine (Not clip moron), not just the magazines themselves. This would make my Glock pistol illegal. Not seeking to ban pistols. You are so idiotic and ignorant it is pathetic. As far as "characteristics," this is the most moronic of any. Thumb-hole stocks? Have you ever watched the Olympic Biathlon, small bore shooting competitions?

The debate on gun control lately has been going like this: Liberals propose various restrictions on allowable firearms, acceptable owners and approved ammunition. Conservatives exclaim, "Second Amendment!" And the debate, at least in the mind of the latter group, is over.

The Second Amendment, they believe, is not just one important provision of our basic government document. It's the first and last word on the subject of firearms.

Viewing the proposals offered since the Sandy Hook massacre, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., concludes the supporters intend "to completely GUT our Second Amendment rights." The Utah Sheriffs' Association warned President Barack...