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Video: SNL Mocks MSNBC's Post-Debate Coverage

John5103 Wrote: Oct 08, 2012 4:31 PM
It's funny because it's true. These guys made their choice to chain themselves to this sinking ship, it's taking them down with it. Obama didn't perform badly because he DIDN'T bring his game, but because he DID. He was a fraud from the beginning, and his acolytes still don't get it.

This sketch was funnier than their actual "cold open" debate send-up, in my view.  Sharpton's portrayed as an ignorant buffoon, Maddow as a smug know-it-all and Matthews as a fevered blow-hard.  Imagine that.  Enjoy:

My favorite line was the juvenile "nice face, governor" taunt -- basically conceding that they had nothing on Romney.  Aside from that, it's really too bad Darrell Hammond isn't around to play Matthews anymore.  He captured the idiosycratic yelliness perfectly.  I still say nothing...